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    A comparison of Andarine with Ostarine (a very useful experience)

    For those, who still have no idea, how these drugs work, I will summarize my personal experience.

    Above all, I would like to illustrate the effect of Andarine that I used for the first time in February 2010 during my PCT after an Anavar cycle.

    My blood results on 5th February 2010, right after the end of the 6-week Anavar cycle (50 mg/day):
    S-ALT 0.76 ukat/l 0.05-0.85 (-*-)
    S-AST 0.75 ukat/l 0.05-0.89 (-*-)
    S-GGT 0.14 ukat/l 0.05-1.13 (-*-)
    S-Cholesterol 6.70 mmol/l 2.9-5 (---)*
    S-LDLcholesterol 5.48 mmol/l 1.2-3 (---)*
    S-HDLcholesterol 0.51 mmol/l 1-2.1 *(---)
    S-Testosterone 0.39 nmol/l (11.25 ng/dl) 9.9-27.8 *(---)

    ALT and AST (liver enzymes) elevated, but remained within the normal range. Cholesterol totally f*cked up. Testosterone dramatically suppressed (virtually zero).

    At this point, I would switch to anastrozole and lose most of my strength gains within 10 days. But I started with Andarine, ca. 30 mg/day, divided into 2-3 doses. I was experiencing good results during the rest of February, breaking personal records, but I started to be tired at the beginning of March, experiencing typical symptoms of low testosterone (like fatigue and unusual sweating during exercise).

    My blood test from 15th March showed these results:
    S-ALT 0.46 ukat/l 0.05-0.85 (-*-)
    S-AST 0.75 ukat/l 0.05-0.89 (-*-)
    S-LDLcholesterol 3.11 mmol/l 1.2-3 (---)*
    S-HDLcholesterol 0.68 mmol/l 1-2.1 *(---)
    S-Testosteron 4.58 nmol/l (=132,09 ng/dl) 9.9-27.8 *(---)

    ALT returned back to the normal state, cholesterol and testosterone started to improve as well. But testosterone remained too low. Despite taking Andarine 30 mg/day, my strength performances started to decline. On 25th March, I increased Andarine dosage to 45 mg/day, but I wasn't satisfied. On 1st April, I increased the dosage to 50 mg/day. The effect was visible after several days, and I went through two "Stakhanovite weeks". The feelings of energy were incredible. No steroids that I was taking before (Deca , Winstrol , Anavar) could get close to this. Training loads that would normally exhaust me were suddenly nothing. I walked out of my home gym like if I didn't train at all. Unfortunately, I had only few drops of Andarine left, and on 19th April, I had to switch to anastrozole, 1 mg/day.

    My blood test from 5th May was as follows:

    S-AST 0.75 ukat/l 0.05-0.89 (-*-)
    S-LDLcholesterol 2.61 mmol/l 1.2-3 (-*-)
    S-HDLcholesterol 0.88 mmol/l 1-2.1 *(---)
    S-Testosterone 14.72 nmol/l (424,6 ng/dl) 9.9-27.8

    I am sorry that I didn't do any blood test around 20th April, but I can state that Andarine taken at doses 30 mg/day did not supress testosterone at all. It also didn't influence ALT and cholesterol. And I would dare to say that even those 50 mg/day didn't interfere markedly with any of the blood parameters, although I am not sure, how it affected testosterone. The sudden increase was certainly due to anastrozole.

    I admit that a PCT lasting 3-months is not just the best example, but this was a useful lesson of what I can expect from S4. And I was pleasantly impressed. Naturally, I experienced the typical ocular side effects, but that was everything.
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    And now my PCT with Ostarine (Ostarine powder ordered from a Chinese supplier):

    Blood values on 3rd February 2012, 4 days after the end of an 8-week Anavar cycle (up to 70 mg/day):
    S-ALT 0.95 ukat/l 0.05-0.85 (---)*
    S-AST 0.73 ukat/l 0.05-0.89 (-*-)
    S-LDLcholesterol 5.70 mmol/l 1.2-3 (---)*
    S-HDLcholesterol 0.64 mmol/l 1-2.1 *(---)
    S-Testosterone 1.23 nmol/l (35.47 ng/dl) 8.64-29 *(---)

    Again, a typical situation with elevated liver nezymes, totally f*cked up cholesterol and low testosterone . But I was surprised by the unusually high levels of ALT. At that time, I was already taking Ostarine (30 mg/day) for one week, but I didn't connect it with this. On 2nd February, I increased the dosage of Ostarine to 35 mg/day. I was keeping my gains, but I expected similar effects like after Andarine. They didn't come. So I increased the dose to 40 mg/day on 17th February. Since I was taking Ostarine powder in plant oil, the real dose may have been higher due to the inaccuracy of my dropper, nearly 50 mg/day. In any case, I spent 1 gram within 26 days, which equals to 38.5 g/day on average.

    I continued to take 40 mg/day and did another blood test on 24th February.

    S-ALT 1.46 ukat/l 0.05-0.85 (---)*
    S-AST 0.85 ukat/l 0.05-0.89 (-*-)
    S-LDLcholesterol 5.13 mmol/l 1.2-3 (---)*
    S-HDLcholesterol 0.62 mmol/l 1-2.1 *(---)
    S-Testosteron 2.27 nmol/l (65.47 ng/dl) 8.64-29 *(---)

    I was terrified. My ALT levels nearly doubled, my AST levels increased. Testosterone slightly increased, which suggests that Ostarine didn't interfere with it much. At the same time, I was observing no marked anabolic effects. This could be explained by the fact that my receptors were "tired" by a long Anavar cycle, but still, this PCT apparently brought no benefits. To the contrary, Ostarine was burning a hole into my liver. I had to improvise and jumped on 10 mg Anavar + anastrozole.

    My blood test from 28th March was as follows:
    S-ALT 0.61 ukat/l 0.05-0.85 (-*-)
    S-AST 0.69 ukat/l 0.05-0.89 (-*-)
    S-Testosteron 6.53 nmol/l (188,33 ng/dl) 8.64-29 *(---)

    To be honest, this improvisional PCT was not the best choice and it was very long, but I had no other option, because Clomid was too expensive to me and I didn't have access to HcG . The worst thing was that I thought that the Chinese had sent me some fake toxic chemical and I decided to run Ostarine again, this time from a reliable internet company from which I ordered Andarine before.
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    I started this cycle on 4th July 2012 and I combined Ostarine with Andarine, hoping that their anabolic effects would increase and side effects would be lower. One week before the beginning of this cycle, I started to take finasteride, hoping that it would help me to regrow hair in temples. I suspected that minoxidil ceases to work already.

    Thus, I was taking Ostarine, Andarine and finasteride together. First, I was taking 10 mg Ostarine + 40 mg Andarine until 12th July, when I increased Ostarine dose to 12.5 mg/day. I had bad feelings, because I observed several pimples and a big red cyst on my face, which suggested that something was happening with my hormones. Furthermore, my libido markedly increased. Therefore, I started to change my dosage, depending on the actual state of my paranoia, between 10-15 mg Ostarine + 25-35 mg Andarine daily.

    On 27th July, I was taking 10 mg Ostarine + 25 mg Andarine, and my blood test was as follows:
    S-ALT 0.83 ukat/l 0.05-0.85 (-*-)
    S-AST 0.76 ukat/l 0.05-0.89 (-*-)
    S-GGT 0.23 ukat/l 0.05-1.13 (-*-)
    S-Testosteron 1.65 nmol/l (47.6 ng/dl) 8.64-29 *(---)

    This was a shocking result. Testosterone was low, but I must also ascribe it to the fact that I was not fully recovered after the previous cycle described above. Still, it was apparent that the combination of Andarine + Ostarine suppressed my testosterone a lot. A much worse result was ALT, which was again elevated above the level that I normally observed after my Anavar cycles. Since I was experiencing only mediocre strength gains, I decided to interupt this cycle. I continued only with Andarine (30-40 mg/day) and anastrozole for several following weeks.

    On 30th August, my testosterone was 11.26 nmol/L (324.7 ng/dl), which is still relatively low. My HDL was 0.83, my LDL 3.80. So my cholesterol values were bad as well. This result confirmed that the Ostarine that I was taking in February was legit. Or, to put it other way, it was the same toxic crap that I was taking now. In summary, the combination Andarine + Ostarine turned out to be a very bad idea. The anabolic effect was negligible, but the side effects were quite pronouced. Therefore, I would recommend a blood test to everybody, who includes Ostarine into his regimen. And I would be curious, how suppressive Andarine really is. It seems that most of the observed suppression can be ascribed to Ostarine, because during my first PCT, Andarine at 30 mg/day did not interfere with testosterone at all.

    I would be curious, if someone can contribute with his own personal experience.
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