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    How to chose between steroidal AI Aromasin AND non-steroidal AI Femara(Letrozole)?

    For a 10 week moderate dose Test E only cycle, Which Ai is better steroidal AI Aromasin (Exemestane) OR non-steroidal AI Femara (Letrozole )?
    they both must have some different so what is main point to differentiate one from another for a Test E only cycle?
    **don't want to chose by lower price*
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    if exmestane is available go with that, letro is harsh on e2 and it can make you feel like crap. letro lowers igf-1 level as well.

    i've done my cycles with letro though cuz i can't get my hands on to ph grade exemstane, i had no problems with letro.

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