So I had a nasty bit of gyno and decided to take some left over liquid torem I had sitting around from a cycle wayyy back (maybe 1.5yrs, wasn't even sure it would be any good)

I had about a half of a bottle left so I started with 60mg ED before bed. I noticed the gyno starting to shrink after 2 days; I was very impressed. After 1.5 weeks I would say it was completely gone (literally amazed how fast it worked)

I felt very good and a lot of other sides I was having went away. Ejaculation issues, ED, prostate discharge (got tested for stds and I was clear), and some hair loss. All gone after starting Torem. I was also building and maintaining muscle better and just felt better. Presumably, I guess I recovered really poorly from my last cycle (used nolva and haven't had much success with it; my $.02)

I knew I would need more torem cause a half of a bottle wouldn't be enough to go the full course. I ordered a new one from ARR and as soon as I finished the old bottle and started the new it was like it just stopped working.

Gyno is now coming back and nipples are looking a bit puffier.

The old bottle lasted me about 2 weeks and I am now at the end of my 3rd week (1 week with the new bottle) and just feel generally crappy again.

I was planning on tapering off after the 4th week. Whole plan was:

Wk1-3 60mg ed
Wk 4 30mg ed
Wk 5 15mg ed

Any thoughts on what I should do or why that would happen? Is it possible I have a bad batch? The taste is much much more like an alcohol taste than my last batch