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    SARM cycle with s4 , Mk 677, and Ostarine HELP please

    I was thinking about running a cycle with these 3 . Just need some help developing a real cycle with proper dose and length with a pct. Would be super appreciated

    S4 - 30mg twice a day for 8-10 weeks (MAYBE 3 times a day but doubt it)
    Ostarine- 25 mg a day? for 8- 10 weeks (Only comes in a 30ml 25mgs/ml so maybe a half drop of 12.5?) 25 may be suppressive from reading all night

    Then MK-677 25 mg daily during an extended time during PCT

    How much PCT required? Nolva or clomid

    The purpose of this cycle is gain lean , lose fat and avoid hormonal suppression. From what I read the MK should be done in the post cycle and I'm really looking forward to the deep sleeps with it!

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    i would cycle your s4, give your self a 5 on 2 off schedule to limit the vision side effects. They were quite distracting for me when i ran S4. I did half the pct i would normally do on cycle and felt fine, this is just anecdotal as i did not get blood work.

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