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    LGD-4033 Cycle Log / Need feedback

    My first time using any sort of PED.

    Age: 22
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 160 lbs
    Bf: 10-11%
    Deadlift: 505 lbs
    Bench: 240 lbs
    Squat: 365 lbs
    Lifting experience: 3 years

    Planned cycle:
    Week 1-8: LGD, 8mg/day
    Week 9-12: clomid, 50/50/25/25 + Sup3r pct 7 caps/day

    I track all my macro intake + all my lifts in the gym and aim to progress at everything every workout. Currently in a 300-400 calorie surplus. Prior to starting this cycle, I have been bulking for 4 months and I have been making consistent strength and size gains on every lift. I also train 7 days/week. I am very technical/exact with my training and nutrition and also know the rate at which I progress like the back of my hand. I will know for sure if this LGD helps me or not.

    Day 1:
    8mg LGD
    Didn't PR on my heavy pressing sets (I usually do PR on these by adding a rep for most sets)
    PRd on my back-off sets though which was good.

    I plan to update this log as frequently as I can (hopefully at least every 2 days? maybe daily?)

    Any feedback on the cycle is appreciated. I'm hearing from some people this is a waste of my time and may even set me back. A little confused. How would it set me back?

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    Day 2:
    Weight: 159.5 lbs
    8mg LGD
    Back+biceps+leg press.
    PRd on everything at the same rate I have been for the whole bulk, so no surprises there.
    Not feeling any different at all yet.

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    I would say most people start at a lower dose of lgd and work their way up to see how their body reacts. Are you taking a liquid or a pill.

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