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Thread: Tamoxifen & Chest Fat

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    Question Tamoxifen & Chest Fat

    57 years old, prior to TRT was at 30% BF due to surgeries & then found out my prolactin levels were sky high due to a pituitary tumor. Got my BF to 16%, then with TRT for the past 7months, down to 13%.

    My chest fat loss is just not keeping pace with the rest of my body. Know what gyno looks like, don't have it, though one chest is fattier around the nipple and sags a bit. When I bend forward, they both droop, hate it.

    Yesterday my TRT doc, said that he has used tamoxifen in similar cases as mine, said in a few months, my chest would tighten up.

    1. Does this sound right, I can't find anything that discusses this as a usage.
    2. Will the tamoxifen interfere with my TRT of .75 mg. 2x/wk.?
    3. Do I continue my Arimidex of .125mg. 2x/wk.?

    Appreciate your help, thanks!

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    bump the question.

    This interests me too.

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    i could be wrong but from what i have learned Tamoxifen does not target fat, only hard tissue like gyno.
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    What Bass said, it does not target fat.

    Prox by chance were you ever overweight? I don't mean by a little but by a good amount? I ask as the common logic here is that all gyno is hard and fibrous, which is correct to a large degree. However, there are conditions where it appears to be simply fat but is actually a by-product of gyno. Not sure that made sense.......! It could also just be due to aging. It catches all of us.

    Your questions:

    1. Yes, if it's gyno or related it can help.
    2. No interference at all. I've run low dose nolva many times on cycle. Only real issue, imho, is that it can drop your IGF-1 level down while doing so. BB has a study relating to just that. I've personally never experienced any significant change and I'm a BW nut.
    3. Yes. Nolva will not stop E2 from rising at all.

    Sorry we missed this when posted.
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