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    Ostarine Only Log Experience - Potentially affecting Hair loss !? READ


    First off I'm new here, and i mainly made this account to share with everybody my experience with Ostatine: mk-2866
    The brand is from Hardcore Simulations and I got it from Ebay. I know rookie mistake.

    Before I get into my stats I know what many of you will say, you're too much of a newbie to even think about trying SARMS . I probably was but I made a conscious decision to go forward with this.
    Ive been training on and off for like 4 years. pretty much spinning my wheels. Started training seriously about a year ago, and got really serious (counting calories every day, weighing myself every morning) about 1.5 months ago.

    Stats before Ostarine—
    AGE: 23
    WEIGHT: 147 LBS
    HEIGHT: 5’9”
    GOAL: 3000 kcals daily. (very accurate with this) goal is to Bulk
    BODYFAT: about 9% body fat.
    Previous experience with AAS, SARMS: NONE.

    DOSAGE: 12.5mg Daily

    IVE BEEN TAKING - (for months now possibly 7 or 8)
    Finesteride 1 mg daily
    monoxide on hair morning and night ( took about a week off recently)
    biotin (started this about 3 months ago)

    Started losing hair at about 19. By about 22, both corners of my hairline were very thin, going up to about 2 inches. I could see my scalp with even low light. at 23 I decided to take fin 1mg ED and minoxidil 5% every morning and night religiously (missed maybe a few mornings and a few nights, but not consecutively) And in about 2-3 months my hair became thicker and a lost fewer than 10 hairs every time I showered. At about the 6 month mark i became pretty surprised with how thick my hair had become. I was amazed.

    I do want to mention that I haven't really done anything that I think could trigger any kind of expedited hairless. Ostarine is the only thing to point any fingers at and I'm 99.99% confident with this statement. DOESN'T MEAN IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU.


    WEEK 1:
    I didn't weigh myself for some reason. Had funny feeling in nipples. but they looked better than before. (my nipples have always been puffy, especially when I work out) With Ostarine, they become small in the gym while I workout, and they look normal most of the time. Thought that was cool. They still go puffy when I'm laying down on my chest. Idk maybe the warmth.
    **I usually go to the gym every other day because I'm extremely sore after every workout EVERY. I GO HAM. As soon as I got on Osarine my recovery has been very SPECTACULAR. I don't feel like I've been hit by a train like I usually do. I Go HAM TRUST ME. Its weird because I've been wanting to go to the gym twice a day sometimes, which I've never felt like that before

    WEEK 2: 148.2lbs.
    took nothing for potential gyno as my nipples seem to look normal most of the time. Always went HAM in the gym. Been taking maybe one day off a week, so my recover is STILL spectacular. Amazing.

    WEEK 3: 151.2lbs
    WHERE IT STARTED. Noticed more than usual hairs falling out, I didn't really think much of it. Recovery still spectacular. Still took nothing for potential gyno because nipples look the same as previous week

    WEEK 4: 152.4lbs
    Noticed way more hairs falling out in the shower. Noticed more hair on my bed. Now I'm a little more worried because the rate of hair loss increased so not really sure what to do. Recovery still spectacular. still nothing for potential gyno because nipples look the same as previous week. Felt kind of down. a few days. not sure maybe I'm getting suppressed a little.

    Im currently on WEEK 5, and debating whether to push for one more week to see what happens.


    Changes in strength: Did NOT really see strength increase worth mentioning.
    Changes in Libido: Did not really see changes in libido (I think this has to do more with sexual confidence though, maybe for another thread)

    THOUGHTS: Ive read that sarms shouldn't affect hair because they're ‘selective’ specifically to skeletal muscle. That is why I'm confused on this.
    Again, ostarine is really the only that can potentially be the cause since i didn't really change ANYTHING to my daily routine. confused and might start PCT. soon. Im wondering if the brand is questionable, as i have not seen anybody with hairless as a side-effect.

    ANY thoughts are welcomed

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    Sorry to hear that. No it should not effect hairloss. But, ostarine is not so safe as they think. I swear my prostate increase when i run it last time.
    But look at it this way, your lucky because most experience lack in libido when running it because it will shut you down.

    And if you loose hair from ost, for sure you will loose more when running aas. Most likely its genetic, not osts fault.

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    Hello thanks for your reply. And no worries I'm A-ok. Im just really puzzled as to how this could happen. I feel your pain too.
    Maybe its the brand. Or maybe these SARMS aren't as 'selective' as they were cut out to be..?��

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    Hair loss? After a mere 3 weeks? You are fantasizing. But this does not mean that Ostarine is a good stuff. I repeated many times on this forum that it is a crap, total failure. It does not increase strength much, and its liver toxicity is quite terrible.
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