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    Need a SARM (yk-11? dbal max?)

    Does anyone know of a great SARM for muscle gain? Something effective but without side effects (or at least not terrible side effects). My friend got on yk-11 over the summer and has made some impressive gains. He said he hasn't had any problems with it. Me and this kid were roommates last year and we were pretty damn skinny (I still am). I don't see him for 2 and a half months over the summer and I come back to school this year and he's looking all jacked! I always benched a little more than him but now he's benching well over 50 more pounds than me. I still look like a damn stick. I wanted some professional advice. Should I get on yk-11? Or are there any better alternatives? Has anyone tried dbal max?

    Info: 21 y/o male
    Never took any steroids , SARMs or other anabolics
    I am doing the StrongLifts 5x5 program (if that makes a difference)

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    With your age, you are too young. SARMS affect HPTA despite the fact that the marketing claims they don't, bloodwork from users has proven that. Forgetting your age for a second anyway, you still shouldn't use them because you don't have a solid base yet. PEDS are to be used to break barriers, not as a crutch. You'll be hindering yourself if you choose to use them now

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    Beast is rigth. Its too early. If u learn how to eat and train rigth that will be more effective than a sarm. There are a millon things u could do naturally to improve your strength. Start by drinking a gallion of water and milk each day.
    Iknow u wont do that.
    A sarm is ofcourse more easy but in a few years u will regret your choice.

    Yes its more safe than steroids , but if steroids will degrade your hpta in 6 of 10 times at 21 yo, a sarm will degrade in 3 out of 10 times.
    You dont wanna base your lifechoices on that kind of odds.

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