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    Research chemicals

    I've been wondering how companies that sell pharmaceuticals as "research chemicals" get away with it?

    Do they import raw powders and just mix it up here? Or are they synthesizing them here and selling them for research purposes? I would guess they're imported from China considering the inconsistencies these companies all seem to share.

    What's the law on this? How is it that they can do this without being shut down?

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    I think this area is not well-covered by the law yet. That's why there are so many scammers

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    It's true that some research chemical vendors import raw powders from China and mix them up here, while others may synthesize them here and sell them for research purposes. Some of them may be imported from other countries as well.
    The law around research chemicals can be a bit tricky, as it varies from country to country. However, in most cases, it is legal to sell these chemicals as long as they are clearly labeled as ""not for human consumption.""
    If you're interested in buying research chemicals, I recommend checking out, they have a wide range of products and they are a reputable supplier.
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