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    SARMS Triple Stack by Nordic Fusion Labs

    As of today, I am 26 y/o, 5'9, and 176.6lbs. I have been lifting for 3+ years consistently and have taken Test, pro hormones, and natural best boosters over the years. I do not want to do anything illegal so I am trying SARMS for the first time by Nordic Fusion Labs.

    My goal is to log my progress and provide my experience over these next two months on my thoughts on SARMS, as well as provide what I think about Nordic Fusion Labs. Will most likely get blood work done after cycle as well.

    STATS: Bench - 185x8 for 3 sets

    Weeks 1-8:
    Ostarine (MK-2866) 15mg daily
    Andarine (S-4) 30mg daily
    Cardarine (GW-501516) 5mg daily

    Manufacturer: Nordic Fusion Labs

    PCT: not sure yet

    Low/ Exceptions: To gain about 4-6lbs of muscle in 2 months and loose body fat; Bench - 225x6 for 3 sets
    High Exceptions: To gain about 8-10lbs of muscle in 2 months and loose body fat; Bench - 250x8 for 3 sets

    Quality of the SARMS I purchased, side effects (vision), and normal body function.

    Day (1/60)
    Took my first pill today and after a workout and 5 hours do not feel any different.
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