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Thread: Run Out Of Ostarine - Continue with LGD or PCT?

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    Run Out Of Ostarine - Continue with LGD or PCT?

    I've decided to run my first 'cycle' using Ostarine.
    I aimed for 7 weeks, 15mg a day.

    Two weeks in I realized that a half soaked up pipette equals 30mg instead of 15mg (pipettes are weird).
    In other words, I've got only 4 weeks worth of Ostarine and re-ordering might take too long.

    My question therefore... should I end the cycle after 4 weeks with PCT or do you recommend switching to lgd as I already got it on hand?

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    Ostarine for 4-week cycle is a good choice I believe. Better you can try LGD-4033 and Ostarine together. LGD4033 is one of those SARMs that has been pretty well tested. There have been a number of human studies published, all with pretty minimal side effects, which make it a good pairing option. However, be informed that LGD4033 doesn’t burn fat when taken on its own—it will help build muscle instead. This is another great reason to pair this product with something else like Ostarine, as the pair will be able to blast away fat and increase muscle mass at the same time.
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    From what I've read ostarine is a good choice when cutting (or for recompo).
    However, I've noticed a gain of at least 2kg even though I find myself on maintenance calories. Strength has not really changed however. Neither do I have any sides.

    Might try lgd next

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    Get more ostarine and use that. Lgd is harsher, is a "wet" sarm and won't have the same mild side effects.

    Don't run anything for 4 weeks. Go 6 or 8. Sarms are best when used past 4 weeks but not to where you feel dimshed returns. YMMV on that of course.

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