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Thread: LGD S4 GW SARM Stack: What You Need to Know

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllexCord View Post
    [COLOR="#000000"]If you ask experienced bodybuilders, this LGD4033 S4 GW SARM Stack is the most suggested combination.
    if you asked experienced body builders they would tell you they don't even know what a SARM is lol. Ask any mr Olympia or Arnold classic winner over the last 15 years and I'll bet they'll say they don't even know what SARMs are yet alone ever taken one

    btw - GW (cardarine) is NOT a Sarm . its been around 20 years before sarms were ever invented. its a PPAR agonist
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    Probleme is that most mr olympia contenders dont even know how to train or eat. Ofcourse they dont know anything about sarms .

    Seriously, i hope u dont mean 99,9999999999999% of us should follow the top guys advices?.

    Lgd, s23 (not s4) and gw + mk677 is a superb and safe stack, enough to make most look real real good if training/diett is ok.

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    Above is Sil. He has been banned multiple times with multiple accounts.
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    ARs Roidrage Smith stating that S23 is safe to use might want to re-think that.

    Or, at the very least research the product a tad more.

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    Im trying mk2866 and rad140, hopefully that shit is not a scam as well. I dont have high hopes
    OP that in reference to all SARMs or just that stack in particular?

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