Good afternoon all,

No doubt this topic has been done to death by us newbies so any links or references would be most welcome instead of having to post a huge reply.

Basically I've started back in the gym and looking to do a build muscle / cutting cycle. Carrying a little bit of extra weight at this stage.

Firstly, diet has been sorted and I chose to use one that I think was mentioned on here which looked to pretty efficient and manageable.

The SARMS products I had looked at using are as follows -

LGD-4033 - Anabolicum

RAD-140 - Testolone

GW-501516 (not a sarm) - Cardarine

MK-2866 - Ostarine and,

S4 Andarine

I am planning on using N2slin and N2Guard as well which I have since received as well as the N2 generate ES.

My multi vitamins will be Opti Men from Optimum Nutrition.

I was also wondering with the use of N2 generate ES whether you can run that during cycle or leave it to post cycle only.

I'm basically asking could that stack be refined? Drop one or two off that for possible conflicting reasons or?

Many thanks for your feedback and advice.

I have used in the past HGH and Test Cyp (300) with pretty good results.

Just re-iterating my products have now arrived from Sarms1.