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    A short 3-week cycle on andarine (s4) - bloodwork

    Just to show you what you can expect from this stuff. I used it even before during PCTs, and my testosterone and cholesterol levels improved. However, because it was after cycles with Anavar , when my body was totally messed up (testosterone nearly zero, HDL cholesterol around 0.50 mmol/L), the picture may have been distorted. Indeed, Andarine is not as harmless as I thought, but it is still relatively mild, when compared with traditional steroids and other SARMs .

    Basically, I was taking 50-60 mg/day for 3 weeks, depending on my feelings (but the dosage must be taken with caution, because you can never know, how much stuff you got in the bottle). The results are not particularly miraculous, few kgs on some exercises here and there, but the factor of age (44) can also play a role because I can be glad if I improve at all.

    Interestingly, liver values (AST, ALT) didn't change - in contrast with Ostarine which is chemically very similar, yet its effect on the liver is quite horrible.

    Testosterone decreased, but not much. My normal value is over 550 ng/dL. 233.3 ng/dL is on the level of an old impotent guy, and it should return back relatively quickly. It's still great, when compared with 11 ng/dL - something that I once experienced at the end of a cycle with Anavar. And it is still great, when compared with 47 ng/dL - a value that I once had after 4 weeks on 40 mg Andarine+10-15 mg Ostarine/day. In other words, Ostarine must be much more suppressive than Andarine.

    The only thing that worries me is HDL cholesterol. Before the cycle, I had 1.15 mmol/L, so the drop is quite marked. But still much lower, when compared with Anavar.

    I plan to stop this cycle now and continue with 12.5 mg Ibutamoren daily for several weeks. I think that this should be sufficient for the regeneration of testosterone.

    RESULT [reference range]

    Glucose 5.01 mmol/L [4.11-5.60]
    Urea 5.1 mmol/L [2.8-8.3]
    AST 0.54 ukat/L [0.17-0.85]
    ALT 0.55 ukat/L [0.17-0.83]

    Testosterone 8.09 mmol/L (233.3 ng/dL) [8.64-29.00]

    Cholesterol 4.23 mmol/L [2.90-5.00]
    Triacylglycerols 1.31 mmol/L [0.45-1.70]
    HDL cholesterol 0.86 mmol/L [1.00-2.10]
    LDL cholesterol 3.24 mmol/L [1.20-3.00]
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