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    Buying SARMís online

    So I’ve never ordered any gear from an online site but wanted to give cardinine a try. I live in canada and see a few different sites that appeal to me this one stands out the most


    Has a one ever ordered there products and is it a legit website? I’m worried it’s fake or I will never even see my stuff show up!

    Please don't post web addresses or any type of contact information. It's against our rules. Source names are allowed, but no lists, email addresses, etc.

    Anamilasti, I had edited your post to remove the address. Why did you re-edit it and put the complete address back in?
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    I tried to purchase in Newsarms

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudeKat View Post
    I tried to purchase in Newsarms
    Dragon Pharma has started to produce some Sarms tabs

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    I have bought sarms from umbrella labs and sports technology labs and pure raw i would say if umbrella labs ships to your location use them I'm being deadass I think there rlly the best ive taken so far

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