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    Triple H is the man!!!

    Got to say that Triple H is the man of the moment in wrestling. IMO the Rock is not a patch on the man with the best developed chest in wrestling.

    Kurt Angle needs a new story he has the potential of being the best because of his skills.

    They need to bring back tag teams and 3 way tag matches. All this singles actions is getting a bit boring. Bring back the Legion of Doom.

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    you do know wrestling is fake, right?

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    Well I gotta say I agree with you....just look at my avatar! It sucks that he got hurt again...he's having surgery to remove bone chips from his elbow I believe....he'll only be out a few weeks compared to a few months like that last time! He won't be able to train in that time from what I've heard so it will be interesting to see how he looks when he does return.....

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    ur right hhh is the man, but dont rag on any of the other wrestlers, they are all superstars.

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