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    Question Who's going to win the Heisman?

    I keep hearing a load of shit about Dorsey how he's only lost 1 game in the last two seasons. Who gives a damn about last season? That was last season, and the last year Heisman was Eric Crouch, which they gave it to him because all the other years he's played. They should do the Heisman consideration this year, not all the other year they've played. Got off topic. Im pretty sure there going to give it to Dorsey unless he loses the next two games. But if that happens then theres no telling who will get it. My money would go on Penn St. running back Larry(something) he's set the record for the most rushing yards in a year and all the players that broke it before him won it too. Then again, Who is the last Heisman winner that has done pretty good in the NFL recently?
    Heres the last 22 yrs of the Heisman winners
    2001.Eric Crouch, he's retired
    2000.Chris Weinke, he will retire soon
    1999.Ron Dayne, Tikki Barber got his job
    1998.Rickey Williams, turning into a great RB
    1997.Charles Woodson, he's good but I think he's overrated
    1996.Danny Wuerffel, hasnt done anything
    1995.Eddie George, great RB too
    1994.Rashaan Salaam, Is he still alive?
    1993.Charlie Ward, He's in the NBA
    1992.Gino Torreta, Sports announcer
    1991.Desmond Howard, Is he in the NFL still? Great special team player
    1990.Ty Detmer, Never did anything
    1989.Andre Ware, Did he ever play one game in the NFL
    1988.Barry Sanders, Hall of Famer
    1987.Tim Brown, Still doing great and another HOF
    1986.Vinny Testaverde, He's still kicking but Pennington just took his job
    1985.Bo Jackson, Bo knows football, Bo knows baseball
    1984.Doug Flutie, Hasnt done much in the NFL but was great in the CFL
    1983.Mike Rozier, Dont know much about him
    1982.Hershel Walker, Awsome player, coaches said he had a body of an NFL player in High School
    1981.Marcus Allen,HOF
    1980.George Rogers, dont know much about him either

    From 2001-1990 IMO theres only been three good players;Williams,Woodson and Eddie George
    From 1989-1980 7 great players;Sanders,Brown,Testevarde,Jackson,Flutie,Wa lker and Marcus Allen

    What im trying to say is the Heisman is almost a Curse. Not even half of the Heisman winners have done anything in the NFL. Throw your opinions in here!

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    Larry Johnson I'd say. He is a freak averaging 7.5 per carry. Ohio State RB Maurice Clarett is one bad ass RB. Michael Vick should be a senior this year. Isn't that sick! Hey Big T I need to play you on line in John Madden if you play. I love my playstation and I love my hard hitting highlight real.

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    I got a xbox. I hate Madden but I love to play NCAA 2003 ea sports style!

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    Not sure who'll take it .. but Larry Johnson gets my vote.


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