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    Looking for a products.

    i did test e and dbol last cycle . im pretty sure it was the dbol that made my hair thin on top ... is there any product out there that would be able to help me with my situation ? . anyone use anything and get a little thicker up on th dome .. alot of people are telling me nizoral has helped them get a little thicker.

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    shave it! bald is beautiful! lol.

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    dutasteride, nizorol shampoo, finasteride, spiro

    those are pretty much the only options

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    my hair grows back after i finish cycling by itself. Last time i ran tren was the first time I really saw significant thinning on the top of my head. I was like...****...oh well, guess it is just part of the game. Then to my surprise, a couple months after the cycle is was all back to normal .

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    seems like alot of people are on the same boat. Ive been taking sust for 8 weeks and my hair really thinned out. But before hand I took clen for 10 weeks and im hearing that clen effects hair growth as well. That sucks... hopefully my hair comes back, no one in my family has mpb so maybe ill get lucky.

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    Every time I do a cycle (only done a few) I look at new scalp. Last one I was 26 and you could notice it but I am almost 29 now and I have more hair then I did then. I guess I am lucky

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    i guess im lucky because i have done many, many cycles and never lost any hair
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