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    Any tips on getting rid of a gear lump?

    Let me try to explain this. I've been on TRT for many years as well as have several cycles under my belt. This means I've injected hundreds and hundreds of times. I always prefer glutes whenever possible because it's the easiest and I can use the biggest gauge needle. However, I have a lump that is solid as a rock inside my glute. I don't think it's scar tissue but seems more like gear that never broke down completely and solidified. I was thinking maybe a foam roller and deep massage at least once a day to see if that will break it up or maybe using an electro-stimulant like they use in PT. I have one from a previous injury and was thinking that maybe the shock waves might break it up?

    Not sure if anyone else has ever had this issue but hopefully there is an easy fix.

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    It's probably scar tissue. My X girl friend had a lump on her lower belly from injecting insulin since he's a diabetic. It was a pretty large lump. If you were to cut a ping pong ball in half..but nota straight raised lump since it's under the skin and that's skin kind of "tents" out but it's not just a mosquito bite size lump that's for sure.
    If that lump of yours was built up gear it would be like take a 1oz. Shot if it didpearsed lol LOOK OUT NOw! Lol
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    Systemic enzymes like Wobenzym-N and serrapeptase can help break up injection lumps and soften scar tissue. Foam roller and massage would be helpful. Heat helps too. I agree with your idea of using some kind of stim/electro therapy. If you know someone with ultrasound equipment you could use that would be great for it.

    You might just have a sterile abscess, which could be a pocket of gear the body has walled off from the muscle tissue. I've had them lots, I only inject glutes every few days so am prone to hitting same spots. I have found they do go away after some time, had one the size of a golf ball once and took at least 6 months to shrink away without my doing too much with it. Just work on helping the body break it up, and try to avoid injecting that area in the meanwhile.
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