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Thread: New to tanning

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    Quote Originally Posted by toughspencer View Post
    Have any of you guys tried any sunless tanning options like spray tanning? Do you know if it looks as good as tanning in a tanning bed or standup booth, or does it tend to look fake?
    try Australian Gold Instant Sunless Spray. looks really good on me and im really f***'n white

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    Quote Originally Posted by stacktt View Post
    try Australian Gold Instant Sunless Spray. looks really good on me and im really f***'n white
    Never used a spray or similar product but lots of others do

    I've been pretty happy with the indoor tanning overall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nogbad the bad View Post
    Melanotan's done the job for me.
    I'm very fair skinned,and all i've ever gotten from sun exposure,is burnt to fuck.15 grams and 10 six minute sessions in the sunbed,and i'm brown as a berry.
    Maintenance doses now.Well impressed.
    Never tried melanotan. I compete and would like to do away with the stinking spray on. Can you provide more information? How long does it take to get a tan? Where can you get it? How long does it last?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obspowerstroke View Post
    Another reason I quit using lay down beds was when I got done there would be a puddle of sweat under my ass. I have seen some gnarly looking folks come out of those beds. Unless its a real sharp gal coming out, I dont wanna lay in their ass sweat. I prefer no touchy standy beds.
    LOL. When I started tanning I got it for free... so long as I cleaned me own bed. It was freakin gross.

    That being said there’s nothing like the 12 minute vacation from reality you get in a lay down. Absolutely love it.

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    Ive been tanning 2-3 times a week since its included in my gym membership. Dont really like the lay down bed, prefer the stand up. Stand up you dont have to lay down in something everybody and thier mama has been in. The max time they allow is 9 minutes. After the first 2 times you can already see a decent change in pigment.

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