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    bumping this killer thread.

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    gr8 post long to read but its a must for new kid like me :P

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    Great info

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    your time is much appreciated ! Great format, easy reading, good info !

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    Is this outdated with all the new PH's out there? Is there a revised and updated guide?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallyjuice View Post
    Is this outdated with all the new PH's out there? Is there a revised and updated guide?

    outdated?? not really but as you pointed out there have been some great advances, and products are available that are very effective..
    The answer to your every question


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    I have seen the article below doing the rounds online. It is much more up to date than David's article.

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    so what should i stack with mdrol and 3ad? im already 3 weeks in what should i take for pct??

    hehehe jks

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    really good stuff

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    Wow I'm like a prohormone expert now. This information would have been handy to me years ago when I actually did a few cycles of them while I was in the Air Force working in Special Forces. Now, I am progressing into AAS. Great post.

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    Why would anyone use prohormones as opposed to just regular anabolic steroids , specifically test? They seem to me like they are just like steroids, but worse.

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    bredforabuse is offline New Member
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    I think people generally use pro hormones because 1)they are very easy to get hold of and 2)they arent viewed in the same dark, albeit misguided, light that "real" gear is. I have run a few cycles of pro hormones but if real gear was available at the time, that would have been what I w

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    great information and very helpful.

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    Thanks very informative. New members that ask about pro hormones should be automatically redirected here. No wonder most of the members on this site are against them.

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    Knowledge is power
    Great information and well worded solid post!!

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    I know I'm a year late but BUMP!!

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    Hello, New to this site.

    Some info about myself:

    I am 21 years old, have been training consistantly since i was 16. For the last two years i have done my research and started training for growth. 8 months ago i got my macros and supplements straight and have gone from 150lbs to 183lbs while staying under 10% bodyfat. My squat is 435lbs, and bench is 315lbs for my 1MR.I have done two physique shows and placed 3rd and 2nd. I have never had a trainer thus far. I train six days a week and eat 6-7 meals a day. My goal is 215 lbs, at 5 feet 9 inches with less than 8% bodyfat.

    Ok, so reason for my post is i recently bought some prohormones from Iron Labs, based out of the UK. I bought their Tren -E, and Epi Xtreme, with the intention of running them together for 6 weeks. However due to mixed reviews I want to do a little more research. Any advice on running this cylce, how to, recover, or even better supplements to take instead of these, would be much appreciated.
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    needs update

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    What a great info guys!

    Has anyone had an experience cycling a prohormone gel consisting of two active prohormone forms, an androsterone enanthate and an undecanoate epiandrosterone? Any strenght gains, fat loss?

    Well, using only for 1 week the gel I got hands on this summer I had no strength gains, felt ill and was not able to concentrate through the day. It ended up throwing it in a trash. Dunno if the source was right or wrong I got it from? Or maybe it got microwawed on the way to my post Office?

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