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    ZMA and fiber supplementation

    i just got done reading the new issue of FLEX and read a suggestion about taking daily fiber supplements. also that ZMA before bedtime is a new but promising supplement. before I rush out and spend bunches of money I would like to hear some of the members suggestions. Keep in mind I am ALWAYS on 10g glutamine and cycle on and off creatine. So im looking for the possible next step to my supplementaion.
    thanks gorilla

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    I would think you will probally need to go to the store and buy some more toilet paper. heee.. Fiber, is always good as far as keeping you regular. I dont' know to much about what you are referring to. Maybe some of the other "Pros" can help ya with that.. I am just a grunt, a nobody, a Luke Skywalker next to Yoda with some of these guys.

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    Some guys supplement with fibre I never bother as I know I get enough!! I guess if you are on a very low carb diet you may not get enough than supplement.

    As for Scilian I must be Yoda!!


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    As for the ZMA, unless you are terribly deficient in zinc, save your money. Just eat right.

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