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    Question anyone tried this product yet?

    Testovar 555 from ids or any other ids product?

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    cant say ive ever heard of it before, ill look into it

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    never even heard of it,, sorry bro!

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    Save your money!!!

    That liposomal delivery is bullshit! I tried the same thing, but by VPX, and trust me, all it did was burn my mouth and taste like dog's ass. (No i havent actually tasted a dog's ass, it is a metaphor). Anyway, stuff is garbage, if you wanna go OTC...get some creatine, Protein powder, and glutamine. Try that new creatine called "Trac" by MHP. Cnyce89 said it worked very well. any cheap protein powder will do, as long as it's by a well known company. And glutamine, whatever your health food store gots.


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