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    MetRx protein.....

    what do you all think of MetRx individual protein packs? These are the one's that you can get at any grocery store as well as Super Wal-Mart. I think that they taste great and have 36g of protein per serving (around 50g with milk).

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    You talking about their meal replacement's? I'm pretty sure that's what you're speaking of, I have a box of them right now. I like all of them, especially the chocolate peanut butter. The mixed berry is absolutely disgusting though. Possibly the worst protein shake I've ever had. Their new Protein Plus powder is really good though, with 46g of protein per serving. The milk chocolate is the best protein shake I've ever had, and the vanilla buttercream isn't bad either.

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    Nah I don't get on with them they taste like I have just eat like a packet of chalk and washed it down with Gaviscon.Disgusting

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