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    Which give most potent androgenic effects?

    Crazy maybe, but I want to use prohormones that give strong androgenic effects over anabolic effects. I'm making gains, but I also want to take something that isolates an androgenic effect, basically because I want to get my voice to drop a few notes. Preferably prohormones/steroid alternatives rather that steroids because of the availability and cost.

    Has anyone got any experience or suggestions?


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    You have some answers in the Steroid Section


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    hi there,

    i know that lots of ppl flame andro's. i agree (well, in comparison to real gear then definitely), but that's because many andro products are not really complete, where in a roids course you think of all factors, from roids to liver coping to andti-estrogen etc. whilst most andros is andros and nothing else. my suggestion: Universal Animal Stak. Checkup/search for it - its the best IMO and i know many ppl who have had amazing results from this allrounder.

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