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    Lightbulb winstrol! Just a few QUESTIONS

    I have just purchased some Winstrol . I have heard only good things about it, but I am unsure if I need to stack it with something else? I have done a cycle of Deca50 and stacked it with Test., and had an awsome gain. If I am able to I would rather not stack anything with the Winstrol. Is that a good Idea? Will I have good gains? What should the cycle be? Anythig else that you know about winstrol, please tell me.

    Also does Wistrol settle to the bottom of the bottle?

    Thank you!

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    What do you hope to achieve? Bulk...Cut...Strength?

    Personally i wouldn't take any AS alone! they work better when combined with an androgenic and an anabolic .
    Smaller doses of several AS work better and have less side effects
    than large amounts of a single AS

    and yes the white stuff settles to the bottom!

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    Post this in the STERIOD QUESTIONS section for better responses. Do some research and you'll find out that winny will work alone, but not too well.

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