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Thread: Otc Hgh

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    Otc Hgh

    Whatís the deal with all the legal HGH products Iíve been seeing lately. I'm not interested in taking it I was just curious if it does anything it claims to do or if it's all a bunch of crap?

    Here's an example of what Iím talking about.

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    You cannot get REAL HGH without a prescription and without coughing a lot of cash.
    What you are talking about are HGH realeasing products, kinda like GABA and ZMA supplements that claim to realease HGH.

    Ever heard of IGF-1(or something) ?
    ZMA is an ok supplement but what this company claims is really not what youcan expect.
    Specially when they claim that it is 3 to 4 times more effective than injecting HGH!

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    i hear that stuff sucks

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