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    IS it better to sip or gulp protein or any shake?

    when i take glutamine,creatine or protein should i gulp or sip what is the difference are there any benefits or siping cause i usually gulp and some tell me its better to sip can someone help

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    to be honest, i think it makes NO DIFFERENCE whether you down a protein/meal replacement shake in 30 seconds or sip on it for 5 minutes. BUT, if you are having a big MRP like a weight gainer, such as myoplex mass or NLarge or shit like that, the only problem with trying to down it in 30 seconds is that 1: you will probably drown cause there will be so much liquid in those shakes, and 2: you will probably hurl if you take it in so quick. if its a straight pure protein its normally much less liquid and much thinner cause of the no carbs, so that can be downed without possible bodily damage

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    the only thing that will happen if pounded is stinky smelly gas, less gas if taken in gradually

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    if you drink it slower it gives your stomach time to react and release digestive enzymes for a head start before everything alread in there??

    just a thought, but im sure it doesnt matter too much

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    Makes no difference

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    There is a difference and here it is: when you sip the shake it tastes like crap longer than it should and when you gulp the shake it tastes like crap for a breif moment.

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