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Thread: Hydroxycut new

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    Hydroxycut new

    Hi bro.... what do you think about the new formula.?
    Is good or is bad?
    Is better than Xenadrine?

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    The only things I've heard about it is that they added that "HydroxyTea" into the mix. They should've removed the Hydroxy Citric Acid though, because new studies have proven the old studies wrong, and it apparently is pretty useless for fat loss. Not 100% about it, but that's what I read in an article, I think it was M&F.

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    i cant speak good of that product here
    i'm from canada
    and the products most potent ingredients have been removed by canadian laws. i mean this canadian version is total bull ish,

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    I Agree with Yung Wun, Here in Canada you have to find the right supplement store or you end up with useless crap. I have bought ripped fuel here (red-orange label not the yellow one) and it turns out to be a dud bottle. basicaly the yellow labled bottle with the orange wrapper.

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