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    Whats the deal with carbs in protein supplements. Are they good or bad? I guess its a stupid question but its been bothering me.

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    i believe a pure protein musnt have carbs, I'd say an absolute maximum of 10g/100 (most have about 5/6g per 100). the problem is many have like 15g or so per serving which makes it too much for pure protein and too little for meal replacement! just try get one with as little as possible, and if it does have carbs just watch it cause many times its pure sugar!

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    You need some carbs for the body to be able to absorb the protein.Just check thge label for added fillers rather than protein

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    I don't know fellas,
    I take low carb isopure and it only has 3 grams of carbs in it. I hear from Ann that there is a no carb isopure on the market as well. Most protien shakes are designed for bulking purposes thus the extra carbs are useually added in. Weight gainers have even more than protien shkes for this same reason as well.

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    Since protein and carbohydrates are both assimilated via different hormones (insulin for carbs and glugagon for protein) I would say that they were not dependant on each other. That would be arguable if you read Berry Sears book "The Zone" where he suggests all your carbs protein should be in the same ratio. However Sears had not been reviewed by a group of his peers before publishing his book and all of his studies were done by him.

    What we need to remember is that carb intake is dependant on need and particularly our activity. The more active you are the more you'll need, and we certainly need to replenish within 30:00 of our workout.

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