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Thread: Ginger Root

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    Question Ginger Root

    I know ginger root helps us digest more protien. But is it to be taken in PILL FORM? Or do we take it in vegetable form? How much do we take and when?

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    I have heard this claim many times, but have never read anu studies on this. I know Bromelain will help with digesting protein, and suma extracts.

    Bromelain is one of a group of proteolytic enzymes (enzymes capable of digesting protein). It is widely believed that most orally ingested enzymes are destroyed by the digestive juices prior to being absorbed. However, there is evidence that significant amounts of bromelain can be absorbed intact.1 Proteolytic enzymes other than bromelain are often used with people who suffer from malabsorption. Although bromelain in combination with other enzymes and ox bile has been reported to help digest food,2 it is generally not used for this purpose. However, bromelain does contribute to the digestion of protein, and may therefore be used as a digestive aid. Although many doctors assume that other proteolytic enzymes, such as those found in pancreatin, are more effective than bromelain in helping digestion and absorption, almost no research compares the relative effects of these enzymes.

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