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    Out of the 20 minerals that are essential for human life, zinc
    and magnesium are without doubt the two most important. They are
    important for production and metabolism of hormones, new cell
    formation/repair, energy production, metabolism and production
    of body proteins and muscle, and efficient deep sleep.
    Zinc and magnesium deficiencies are common in the general
    population ranging from 60% to 90%. Deficiencies are even more
    prevalent among athletes because research shows that rigorous
    exercise and everyday stress results in greater bodily losses
    of zinc and magnesium. Calcium reduces the amount of zinc and
    magnesium your body will absorb. Many people drink milk with
    their meals, so they are not absorbing the full amount of zinc
    and magnesium that they consume. Also bodily fluids excreted
    during sex are rich in zinc. Another reason for deficiencies is
    minerals come in different forms some of which your bodily easily
    absorbs some of which are poorly absorbed by your body.
    Research has shown that zinc deficiencies results in low serum
    testosterone levels and low levels of insulin like growth factor
    IGF-1). Hormones you want to maximize. Also low zinc levels increase
    estrogen levels that will lead to increase water/salt retention
    and increased body fat. Without enough zinc, it is also harder for
    androgens to bind to their receptors sites.
    Zinc plays a vital role in a large percentage of bodily functions.
    Zinc is important for cell division, new cell formation, and
    repairing damaged cells. It is also used proper metabolism of
    proteins and production of body proteins and muscle. Zinc is used
    for production and efficient use of testosterone and sperm production.
    Zinc is helps the body make its own antioxidant. Zinc is primary
    component of your immune system, and for athletes who put extra
    stress on their bodies, zinc is that much more important. The immune
    system is the pathway for recovery from the rigors of exercise.
    Zinc is also important for maintaining proper prostate function.
    Zinc is essential for over 100 different enzymatic reactions.
    Magnesium also plays a very important role in the body. Magnesium
    significantly improves sleep efficiency. Deep sleep is extremely
    important because healing, tissue repair, anabolic hormone production,
    and muscle growth are all at the maximum levels during sleep. With
    improved sleep efficiency comes improved recovery and increased
    anabolic hormone levels. Magnesium is also necessary for muscle
    contractions. Magnesium is used for metabolism of carbohydrates and
    energy production.
    In a double-blind randomized study, BALCO labs gave NCAA college
    football players a zinc and magnesium supplements over an eight-week
    period, a control group received a placebo. When all was said and done
    the zinc and magnesium groups' free testosterone levels increased by, an
    average of 30% and the groups' IGF-1 level increased 3.6%. Whereas the
    placebo groups' free testosterone level decreased 10% and IGF-1 level
    decreased 21.5%. The zinc and magnesium groups' strength also increased
    significantly more than the placebo groups.
    As you can probably conclude, zinc and magnesium are extremely important
    for everyday life. As bodybuilders or people just trying to get in shape,
    we have a much greater demand for sufficient zinc and magnesium levels.
    They are important for efficient recovery, new cell formation and proper
    hormone levels. In order to get the most out of our long hard hours in
    the gym and stay healthy we need a zinc and magnesium supplement that is
    easily absorbed by our bodies.


    Brilla LR, Conte, V. Effects of zinc and magnesium supplementation on
    muscle attributes of football players. Med and Sci in Sports and Exercise.

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    good post bro. I started zinc supplementation a few weeks ago after some research... IMO don't spend the money on expensive ZMA products, just buy a few bottles of zinc lozenges and take 20mg ED before bed (away from milk/caclium intake). Too much zinc can be damaging however, I read that 40mg of supplementation is the absolute max for safety reasons... thats why I take 20mg ED (and no your 15mg in your RDA multivitamin is not enough... most of that is wasted due to the presence of the other minerals). thanks for another great post bex

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    I am wondering if you can post the full study here please.


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