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Thread: Derma-gain

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    Hey guys,

    Just wanted your opinion on the use of "legal" alternatives to steroids like DERMA-GAIN. Have any of you guys used it? Waste of time and money?


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    ptbyjason Guest
    90% of the guys on here will tell you to stay away from it. I use to sell it and I saw great results with it though. It won't be as powerful as steroids , but you will gain strength and some size.

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    I'm one of the 90%, although I respect your opinion. Whatever works!

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    Used it, in fact I used the threesome stack that was supposed to mimic "sane steroid use " results. Yeah not worth the money! Don't waste your money. But I'd sure like to know if anyone else had good results!

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    I used the equ-bolan, derma gain and maxatron stack,, ok,, but shit compared to the real deal!!!

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    It worked for me

    I used the Dermagain Equibolan and Maxteron stack. I gained about 8lbs and lost a noticable amount of bf. My results with this are what encouraged me to try the harder stuff.

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    Good supp if you don't want to do gear, but all those kinds of supp are way to expesive

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    Yeah I took the stack eqibolan,dermagain and maxteron. I noticed that the eq blew me up like a fat ass but I was supposed to take the maxteron afterwards to cut up but I kept forgetting about it and put on about 2% body fat. I did notice gains in muscle but didn't get the full rip from the maxteron because I didn't take it. Still have it as a matter of fact. But I am back down to my normal body weight and I did notice pretty big muscle gains. I also gained about 10 pounds in 6 weeks. Never juiced (yet) so I can't compare it to the real but if I were you to try it and you don't see gains i guess you can say you learned the hard way. Good luck


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    i made the mistake of using 2 stacks of equibolan, maxteron and dermagain. i gained 10 lbs, but i think it was mostly water. i lost 5 of it and continued to eat the same way. no strength gains, maybe mental. screw that crap...i'm going for the "stuff"

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