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    Very quick question on how to take glutamine

    Heya guys,

    Ive read all the threads I found in my search about glutamine, so I know pretty much how much and when to take. I just have one very quick question:

    I have a posworkout shake consisting of whey and dextrose and maltodextrin. The glutamine I read all over that I should NOT take with the shake. So, how do I take it? I know it should be by itself, but should I have it before/after the postworkout shake, and if so how long before or after. Also, I will take 5g postworkout and 5g another time. Just want to ask if its best to have the other 5g before bed or as I wake up in the morning??


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    i like to take it on an empty stomach like 1/2 hour b4 i eat or after i eat , i just mix it up w/ water

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    I'm not entirely convinced that taking it with your shake is such a bad idea. I could be wrong but I just started taking an addition of the stuff that already is'nt in my weight gainer and the effects are noticable in recuperation and joint comfort. I say don't do what ya hear-Do what ya feel

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    I take mine first thing in the morning when I awake and then leave it an hour before I eat

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    if it's L-glutamine, take it on an empty stomach (mandatory)... if its glutamine peptides, mix em in with your shake.

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    I agree with NightOp, I've read that glutamine is sensitive to heat and to stomach acids which may have a negative impact on effectiveness. I take it right after I get done liftin', wait about 10 or 15 mins then drink my shake.

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    Originally posted by NightOp
    if it's L-glutamine, take it on an empty stomach (mandatory)... if its glutamine peptides, mix em in with your shake.

    Absolutely right! If it's L-glutamine, take it in the morning before you eat, before your workout, and right before bed. (empty stomach!!!!)

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