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    I just went to and dropped some serious cash. NO ONE I've found can even come close to their prices. Now, I have some supplement questions.
    1. Whe is the best time to take creatine. After the loading phase.
    2. I've heard it;s best to drink a protein shake right after a workout. Can or should I mix the creatine and glutamine with the shake?
    2. Are you supposed to take glutamine on work out days only?
    When is the best time to take it and should it be taken on an enoty stomach? Thanks in advance.


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    Here are your answers DDP

    1)You don't need to load creatine just take 10-15g post workout you'll save yourself money that way and your creatine will last longer

    2)Most definately you should mix your creatine with a protein shake after your workout.To better drive the creatine into the starving muscles also buy some Gatorade powder from your local supermarke

    3)With the glutamine I'd say take 10-15g post workout and 10g before going to bed.Post workout because after the workout your bodies glutamine stores are drained and need to be replenished,before bed because it's a good time to have glutamine stored in your system for your bodies most crucial recovery time...when you're sleeping.I hope this answers your questions

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    1. Take creatine post workout....5 - 10 grams is plenty.

    2. Have a shake in the mid-morning and then one post workout. You can mix both glutamine and creatine with it. Although glutamine is better when taken on an empty stomach.

    3. Take Glutamine on days you workout and days you don't. 10 grams is a good amount...but space it out during the day and try to take it on an empty stomach.

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    Originally posted by Big Show 23
    2)Most definately you should mix your creatine with a protein shake after your workout.
    I really don't know the answer to this one way or another, but I have heard that you should never mix creatine and protein together. I don't have the studies to back it up, but it makes sense. Here is what supposedly happens. When you take creatine in something like gatorade, your insulin levels spike therefore increasing absorption of the creatine. But if you take protein with it, the protein will suppress the insulin spike therefore decreasing absorption.

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