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Thread: Supplements?

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    Question Supplements?

    My question is quite simple and probably could be answered if I did more research on the site. But, what is the best protein shake out there or what would you guys suggest? And should i mix in creatine with the shake or take it seperately like before I workout? I've read different ways of taking the creatine like before and after a workout and many others, what do you guys suggest is the best way to take it and the best products for the money? I'm 23 5' 9 150lbs and I have by no means reached my potential in the gym or with gains yet, so i feel i am not ready for AS but would like help with takin some good supplements.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Agreed with Diesel on the "loading" topic
    I use Isopure protein.

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    I just started taking Nitro-Tech, seems to be working good. But most people will disagree about taking it b/c it costs so much.

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    Protein shopping can be interesting since quality varies from one brand to another. Diesel is dead on with his Optimum recommendation (and everything else he said) and many people will agree. Nitro-Tech isn't a bad product, but yes, the price is steep. GNC carries its own brand of protein but it hasn't received very flattering reviews. Decide what carb/calorie content you're looking for too and make a decision based on your needs. And after you've done all of the comparisons you might wanna use the ol' taste test to decide. Good luck...

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