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    Vitamin Question

    I am a beginer lifter and i have read that it is good to take a good multivitamin, plus vitamin E and C. Can anyone tell the best multivitamin and how much should i take of vitamin C and E. Are there certian times i should take them if i am also taking Creatine and L glutamine pluse Whey Protien, I've heard that some things can interfer with other things.

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    GNC megaman, or any Men's Multivitamin will do fine.

    Take 1g of vitamin c, split into two doses, morning, and after training. (1g=1000mg). Take 800-1200iu's of Vitamin E taken at the same time as Vitamin C as they work together against free radicals. May I also suggest ALA? It is a VERY potent antioxidant, and IMO , not enough people take it.

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    take centrum man, good multivitamin, u can go to gnc and pay big bucks for something they sell you on but im sure most people on here would agree with me on the fact that centrum is fine. C for sickness, and antioxident properties, and E for stretch marks, prostate cancer, and its role as an antioxident, as well as the "hardening of muscles" and reparing of them. if anyone is interested i got a few good articles on vitamins A, D, E, C, etc

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    yea centrum sport would work=\

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    Make sure you get a good dose of B6 too. Increases liver estrogen metabolism.

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