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    Question Creatine while on juice good?

    Ok, so I read from another post that creatine was worthless while on a anabolic cycle.

    Is this true or is this guy talking out of his ass?


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    Yes he is.

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    Creatine is good if you take it "off cycle". It'll help you from losing some size and strength gains you achieved "on cycle". I personally use creatine whether I'm on or off. I will, however, up the intake of creatine during PCT.

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    some people say you are suposed to cycle creatine on/off as it supresses your natural creatine production just like test would do to your natty test, so i like to use creatine when im off cycle as shrpskn said to help keep my gains and come off creatine when i start my new cycle of AS to allow your body to re-produce its natural creatine, taking creatine on a cycle would definantly work i just like to cycle it as well.

    this is just my opinion though

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