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    Question Whey Protien For Women??

    Hi Guys,

    Do any of you know if there any advantages in taking a Whey Protien that is more geared towards women?

    I'm still learning but as far as I know whey protiens somewhat tie into amino acids and can be metabolized into rebuilding and repairing muscle tissue, but I can't see how a women's Whey Protein would be of any benefit to me. I would think that a regular whey protien would be more effective.

    What do you think?

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    I don't know if this will help, but from what I've gathered from the ladies at my gym....they just use regular whey protein and love it.....

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    i think its all a matter of your routine..and goals.. I love my kickboxing, and aerobic activity..and my resistance training..and on the same day, I surely over train, but thats why i chose this name..anyhow, I have to replenish my bcaa's throughout the day to keep muscle from catabolizing the aerobic activity will eat right through it if you over train. (like a lot of women do) A woman has to do almost twice the work of a man for the same amount of fat loss..So, i guess what im getting if you want to maintain or gain muscle and you over train try something like optimum or anyother bcaa/ single amino acid profile protein shake. But, if you just want to be a skinny chick...and want to drink protein shakes for balance stick with the norm.
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    I can't see how women's whey would be any different, and yes you could benfit from it. Women or men should be getting Min. 1g per 1lbs of body weight and more when bulking or cutting.

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