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    I was just wondering if combining NITRO-TECH, CELL-TECH, and HYDROXY-CUT would give me good results?? If anyone else has tried this or know of anyone that has can you tell me their gains, or losses(money). I am wanting to keep my strength, which i think the cell-tech and nitro-tech will do but i want to lose body fat but also keep muscle mass. Is it possible? If you can help please do! Thanks

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    Let me be the first to save you some money. Not to say these products are crap, but you can get the same, if not better for half the cost. To start of you must decide to bulk or cut. No creatine and ECA, makes no sense. If you combine these two you will not get the full benefits from either one. Instead of Hydroxycut, go for ripped fuel. Add some Garcinia Cambogia and you made your own Hydrowycut that is more potent and Half the cost. For cell Tech try micronized german creatine, cell tech is not even micrinized, kool ade which has all the sugar, Alpha lipoic acid, and there you go. 80% cheaper, and better. Nitro Tech, give me a break, buy some 100% whey protein isolate, and you have better quality as Nitro is only 97%. Just my 2 cents.

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    Gotta agree with ripped, on this one. Either bulk or cut. Just buy the cheapest micronized creatine you can find. Brand name doesn't really matter. I've tried Ripped Fuel and it didn't do much for me, so I switched to Xenadrine and it worked a lot better. Check out ......they have a lot of supplements for really good prices....good luck bro!!!

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