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    N.O. Explode VS. Horse Power

    anyone had a chance to compare these two products. I'm pretty sure I'll get them both, so if nothing else I'll should be able to compare them in the future. I'll probably do one pre workout and one post-workout for a week or two and then reverse it.

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    For me the N.O. Explode did nothing. I had no affects what so ever. Maybe you'll be a lucky one and get a good pump off it.

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    I've tried both, No-xplode is more of a pre-workout/volumizer while Horsepower containes CEE (creatine ethyl ester)
    No-xplode tastes better and mixes easier
    You've gotta experament to see which works best for you, Good Luck

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    NOk2 kicks ass too, by the way, tons of energy and killer pumps

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    one of my buddies swears by no xplode for his pre workout, He says at first it was so strong it was giving him the shakes! i tried it twice before hockey games for a little boost and felt absolutely nothing. I ordered some samples from BSN and I'll give it another shot since Ive taken caffiene out of my diet.

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    i liked no-explode ,just one thing dont take it for too long i have done 2 bottles of it and i dont feel the effect anymore ,so i would suggest doing 1 bottle then take a little break then do it again .

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    horse power left me with this horrible pins and needles feeling all over my body, but like, flamming burning pins and needles...

    ive used both, I much rather NO explode myself.

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    Are they even comparable? NO Xplode is a preworkout energy drink (basically) and horsepower provides AAKG and a few different types of creatine. Why not ****ing take them both? Do not buy horspower lemon flavor or whatever it is. IT tastes like ass and does not mix at all. I personally like to take them both before I exercise because they do different things...

    I realize noxplode has creatine in it but it is not a creatine supplement like horsepower...btw horsepower is good shit. for preworkout energy try blast cycle by fizogen, little more expensive but it gives you that "jacked" feeling.

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