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    Question for Bryan2

    Tried emailing you directly, but seem to be having problems. Am looking for a good over the counter cycle to help me get back on track after ACL surgery 6 months ago. Have done MIT/4AD in the past..and also as superdrol cycle a couple years ago. Am still active in the gym, but just haven't been able to push myself until recently.

    I'm not familiar with whats available and what works any more. I know you're pretty up to speed with what works. I'm looking for something to give me a little boost in strength and definition, but not looking to bulk up to much. I'm around 205 right now..would like to stay in this area. i do have a bottle of M1T left over i was considering using at 5mgs a day for 4weeks. Anything to stack with this..or any other suggestions?

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    im definately not bryan2, but by reading your post i would suggest something along the lines of a megazol by generic labz, this is would give you moderate strength gains with a slight increase in lbs. it is non methylated as well. imo i would run it solo. good luck to you. also, not trying to overstep bryan2, just giving my .02

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    thanks for the advice. so, winZtrol by juggernaut would be the same thing (finding generic labz stuff is proving difficult).

    i'll look into some logs on this compound. i'm more concerned with what really works. i waited to take M1T/4AD until i had seen enough logs with concrete feedback. with all of these new alternations to compounds, its not always guaranteed you get teh affect they claim you will.....half the time the body can't metabolize the compound anyway.

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    I would second Cope's suggestion. I'm running Mega-TRN and Mega-ZOL right now and am pleased so far. Measurements on Chest, Over-shoulder, Bi, thigh, and calf are all up and waist and umbilicus are down. Up a few pounds total.

    Although, I'm also not Bryan

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    The mega trn is more of a body recomp without too much weight gain, most report better deffinition, strength gain and a little fat loss, stack this with methoxy tst to keep libido up.

    Phera plex is more of a bulker but will give Great strength gains and lean you out as well. so id say either PP/Methoxy tst or mega trn/methoxy tst.

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    hi bryan2

    could you help mi I have mega-trn , 2 * mega-zol and 1 * phera-plex.
    I read many posts about problmes with libido while taking trn , but I don't
    have any methoxy tst and there is now way to buy it for me. (europa)
    How sholud I take it. I was thinking of taking
    phera-max and mega-trn or mega-trn and mega-zol
    phera 1-2 15mg 3-4 30 mg trn 1 2 mg 2-4 4 mg

    but what about problems with libido ? I can buy nolva or clomid for pct but I warry about the time during cycle.

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    Hey patrol12. I am trying to help you out here so... Start a new thread in the supplememnts forum and repost your question there so more people will be likely to see it and be able to give you advice. Most aren't to keen on threads being hijacked. And welcome to the board-Erwin

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