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Thread: Which One?

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    Which One?

    I am trying to decide which prohoromone route to go....I've got myself a few options and want opinions on what you all think is best. One option is to go with 4 weeks of Methyl Masterdrol followed by 2 weeks of Methyl 1-D and then 4 weeks of Formadrol Extreme. Another option is to go with 8 weeks of Methyl 1-D followed by 4 weeks of Formadrol Extreme. My last option is to run 4 weeks of Max LMG followed by 4 weeks of PCT(clomid, nolva, etc....). I am wanting to do a clean bulk and add some strength within the next couple of months.......opinions please. Thank you

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    Why did you start two different threads asking the same question?????

    Which PH cycle to take?.....PLEASE GIVE ADVICE GUYS

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