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    17-Methyl-dione Extreme

    I am trying to gain some muscle mass and tone up a bit. I was told that 17-Methyl-dione Extreme was perfect for what I was looking for and very safe. When I say safe I mean no chance of getting Gynecomastia . I used to cycle a select choice of anabolic steroids from 2000 - 2002. About a year after I stopped cycling I started to notice a change in my breast size and ended up having gynecomastic surgery to get rid of the excess fatty tissue. Since then, I have been very sketchy on taking anything to help supplement my work out. That is, until recently. I guess what I am asking is..Is this a safe product and should I not worry about having the same results even though it is not an illegal supplement yet?

    thanks for the help


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    did you use any anti estrogens during your usage? which?

    sorry, no info on methyl 17

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