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    Question Protein Factory/Dextrose

    I just recieved my 5 pounds of dextrose I ordered from the Protein Factory....It came in a big bag, just a bunch of dextrose. I have no idea how to measure out 60g or so to mix in with my post-workout shakes.....

    How do I measure this stuff out for my shakes?

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    the best thing i can tell you is to give alex a call at the store and i'm sure he can tell you....or even better, send him an e-mail...

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    When I bought dextrose it said one serving is 75g or 1/3 cup.

    So I guess 1/3 cup = 75g

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    Bro, first off you can go to proteinfactory and use the protein calculator. It will let you know what to do. Why did you order just dextrose for post workout?? This is the last order i made for my post workout. This is all you need post workout.

    26% cfm whey
    5% glut. Peptides
    3% BCAAs
    33% maltodexterin

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