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    Does Fuel Plex mrp have a funky smell?

    I just bought two boxes of fuel plex mrps vanilla and strawberry at GNC b/c with my gold card they made a combined total of $25. Thats 40 mrps with 42grams protein 25carb and a small amount of glutamine. The problem is I can't find an expiration date on the packages and they smell like the blender does after you forget to rinse it out when your finished making your shakes and leave the lid on for about a wk. Anyone who has ever done this knows exactly what I'm talking about. Anyway I was just curious if they normally smell this way or if I got some rotten crap. please help me out on this one thanks.

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    i dunno bro that sounds terribly cheap for gnc to sell for.....gnc is the most expensive bodybuilding store i know of .........i mean how bout you try calling the company and telling them what happned and they mite give you some free ones

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    Twinlab Fuel Plex has an expiration date stamped into each packet in small lettering down the right hand side. if you are looking at the front of the packet. It is not written, just stamped in so it is hard to see and the same color as the packet, good luck. I love the stuff. It does taste different then other chocolate flavors I have had.

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    bro i work at GNC twinlab has been doing sales like that lately and thier creatine fizz fuel is on sale for $7 a box for 20 packs. but to answer your question the vanilla is just crap it tastes horrible but the strawberry is straight oh and by the way u should have gotten those cheaper call them on it they should be 12.50 or so before gold card discount so your total should be about $20 fr 2 boxes.

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