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    Question Ephedrine HCL vs. Ephedrine Sulfate

    Can anyone explain the difference between Ephedrine HCL and Ephedrine Sulfate and let me know which is the more effective thermo? What is a good cycle for ephedrine and would it hurt or help to be taking 1-AD at the same time?


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    Ephedrine HCL is a great product and from my experience i know it works, it jacks you up and u feel so hyper, you end up lifting heavy that day. dont know much about sulphate, but if you are looking into losing weight stak ephedrine with caffeine

    like 2 caff pills and 2 eph pills(25mg) and you can take them together, it wont hurt you (well works for me)

    1-AD should be OK to try with it but just DONT take them together
    take eph like mid day if u working out in the evening and 1-AD before workout

    if you feel unpleasent after one of two days
    cut the ephedrine and stick with 1-AD

    good luck

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