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Thread: tribulus?

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    i was reading about this tribulus stuff and how it increases test. one of my friends takes it and he is huge, is it worth it to try? i got a really good deal on some of it so i bought it but i am only twenty years old is that to young. i am stuck in a rut as far as my liftiing and weights go i have been lifting for 3 years consistantly and i want to go to the next level

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    i used it once before. i really didnt notice a differnce. should of spent my money on creatine or glutamine. you might as well use it if youve brought it. its perfictly safe if your over 18. youll be dissapointed. and i think you should ask your friend what he really uses.

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    If you friend is that huge he didn't get that way from using tribulas.. that's for sure.... tribulas can boost Test production from increased LH, but not enough to see a major differenve.... It can be used after a cycle of AS to help your body recover back to natural test levels, but that's about all it wil do for you... You friend is probably using another product that starts with a T.... such as Testosterone or Tren ...

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