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    Adrenalin NYC VS ECA

    I recently bought a Fat burner nyc stack called Adrenalin. It seems to have more Norephedrine, and Yohimbe Hcl than the NYC stack that the guys on elite usually direct you to go. Anyone ever use this one? How do you guys think an NYC stack compares to an ECA .also I though Norephedrine cannot be sold anymore?

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    maybe this is a dumb q but what is a NYC stack???

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    (N)orephedrine (Y)ohimbine (C)affeine. While not illegal, Norephedrine can no longer be sourced and sold as such. However, whatever remains (without importation) can still be used, and some companies "fly under the radar" .

    ECA overall will be the most thermogenic, however the Yohimbine as found in NYC, will be most helpful to woman (and men) with Estrogenic fat deposits (mediated by A-2 receptors; for men this can be the gut/love handles/lower-back, and for women--the hips/thighs/buttocks). As well, for many NYC is superior with regards to appetite suppression, and stimulation more mild relative to ECA.

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