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    Question Tribex 500 and Biotest M

    I was wonder if anyone tried these two during and after a cycle? M as the estrogen blocker and tribex and the testosterone rebooster (post cycle). I was just wondering if these two work well.

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    bump..anyone see any results from these supplements?

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    the tribex-500 seemed to work for my nut sack after a few bottles of 1-ad, no experience with the real shit yet. havent tried M. 500 worked great for sex drive so i guess it tickeled my test levels some

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    I tried theTribex500 and Methoxy 7 stack fom Biotest. I can't say that i really had great results. From what it costs t do that about 160$ a month and a little bit its not worth it. I also tried there andrasol spray and thought it was a joke. Just my opinion but if you want to save money just get a good protien powder and eat more and your gains will come better.

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